Dr. Michael Schweigert is an occupational medicine specialist who practices in the Greater Toronto Area and is dedicated to quality improvement in occupational healthcare delivery. Dr. Michael Schweigert maintains leadership positions in industry, academia and professional organizations with a vision to see a sustainable safe and healthy working environment.

His background includes chemical engineering training with an interest in process control and continuous improvement.

Areas of interests include: Occupational medicine, quality assurance, service process design and medicolegal issues. Dr. Michael Schweigert actively applies information technology to facilitate the delivery and decision-making process in health care and population health monitoring.

Dr. Michael Schweigert performs occupational medicine independent medical examinations (IMEs) for assessments related to accommodation, fitness for work and absenteeism. 


416.549.1658 Telephone

416.549.1619 Fax (attention:  Dr. Michael Schweigert)


Suite 1600,  2300 Yonge Street,  Toronto, ON  M4P 1E4


8:30am to 5pm.